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How to Remove Adware? browser hijacler is a website that promotes free online games and displays advertising in your Chrome Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This is made possible by an adware program that is often deceptively installed with other freeware that comes with a download client that offers additional software. consists of executable program and browser extensions that track your browsing for displaying matching ads and deals because your clicks generate some income. Ads displayed by cannot hurt your computer, but clicking on ads is not always safe because cyber criminals use games as a primary source of spreading malware. Adware activities waste …Read more »

How to Remove Virus browser hijacker replaces default search engine or homepage in your Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer after you install freeware bundled with this browser hijacker. It might be backed up by some adware program or set directly in your web browsers by a download client used for installing various programs. If you want to remove and restore your preferred search, then you need to uninstall program if you can find it in the list of installed programs. You also need to remove suspicious web browser extension or similar extension related to After you remove this components, you need to …Read more »

How to Remove Shoppi Ads

Ads in web browser displayed by adware

Shoppi is a program for advertising and promotion deceptively installed on your computer with other freeware. Shoppi is not malicious, however using adware is not safe either. It tracks your web browsing history and might compromise your privacy if your profile is shared among promoters. Besides that, Shoppi can waste your web traffic for activities that you don’t really need. If you want to get rid of Shoppi ads and deals displayed in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, then you need to remove Shoppi extensions, add-ons, and browser helper objects installed in these web browsers. You also need to …Read more »

How to Remove Search Redirect Virus redirect virus adware is a redirect installed by browser hijackers in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Such hijacker are part of a download client that comes with free programs distributed over the web or part of an adware program installed on your computer. You may agree to install by yourself if you believe that it offers some value. More often, is deceptively installed without your knowledge and true consent. is not malicious, and anti-virus software usually do not warn you on this potential threat while assuming that computer users read all the information placed in a download …Read more »

How to Remove Deal Dropper

Deal Dropper adware removal

Deal Dropper is an adware that promises a superior buying experience for savings. However, this program is often installed without user’s consent along with free programs from websites that employ bundling practices for monetizing. Deal Dropper is not malicious, however adware is not safe either because tracking of your web browsing history might cause some privacy problems if your profile is shared among promoters. Besides that, Deal Dropper can waste your web traffic for activities that you don’t really need. If you want to get rid of Deal Dropper ads and deals displayed in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, …Read more »

How to Remove Fake Flash Player Update

Fake Flash Player update virus

Fake Flash Player Update popup is displayed when you visit malicious websites that use this trick for spreading malware and adware. This social engineering scam is based on computer user’s habits to automatically push the button for frequent Flash Player updates. This way Fake Flash Player Update message helps cyber criminals and scams to install anything on your computer. Such scam can result in very serious computer infection. Fake Flash Player Update can be also spread with popular free programs offered as a bite on similar websites. Such infection makes it more difficult to remove Fake Flash Player Update because …Read more »

How to Remove Fake Java Update

Fake Java update virus

Fake Java Update might pop up when you visit malicious websites that use such trick for spreading adware and possibly malware. It is a social engineering scam based on computer user’s experience with frequent Java updates that causes an automatic reaction and clicking the button. This way, popups like Fake Java Update help cyber criminals to install anything on your computer, and this scam can result in very serious computer infection. For now, such popup messages are related to adware being deceptively installed, and you need to remove Fake Java Update message instead of clicking any control placed on such …Read more »

How to Remove Rogue Antivirus – Newest FakeVimes

Sample of rogue antivirus out of FakeVimes famlily

FakeVimes are back. So your computer might get infected with one of rogue antivirus products that belong to this family of malware. All versions of rogue antivirus use different names such as Windows Active Hotspot, Windows Cleaning Toolkit, Windows Activity Booster, and other similar for avoiding detection. The main purpose of new rogue antivirus products is still the same. FakeVimes are designed to scare computer users with false security alerts and sell them completely useless and dangerous programs. There is no licensed version of rogue antivirus offered for sale and no threats that any of these programs can remove. FakeVimes are only designed to remove money …Read more »

How to Remove Antimalware Virus

Antimalware Virus

Antimalware “Proven Antivirus Protection” is a rogue antivirus program that scares computer users with faked security scans and false alerts about viruses found on infected with Antimalware virus computers. The only action expected is a purchase of fake license to this rogue program that is not related to computer protection and is quite dangerous since it blocks user’s applications and real security programs. Antimalware virus is one of the most dangerous rogue programs spread over the Internet by cyber criminals. They use different tricks for infecting computers and you need to be careful with downloads and clicks on suspicious messages …Read more »

How to Remove Security Cleaner Pro Virus

Security Cleaner Pro rogue

Security Cleaner Pro is a rogue security program spread by cyber criminals with Trojans. It is categorized as a scareware since all its activities are designed to scare computer user’s with false alerts about viruses and other insecurities found on PC. Security Cleaner Pro runs fake scans on the reboot and displays frequent reports about problems trying to promote a licensed version of this virus for fixing problems. This program behaves like other rogue software that belongs to Win32.WinWebSec virus family, and it blocks other programs execution including antivirus software. So, if you want to remove Security Cleaner Pro, then you …Read more »


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