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Removal Guides for Spyware Programs

How to Remove BlockIt Adware

BlockIt adware removal

BlockIt is adware program promoted as a tool for parent that helps to keep kids out of visiting adult websites. The idea behind BlockIt purpose helps to facilitate installing this adware. Then popup ads an other types of advertising start to appear in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. However, BlockIt is often deceptively installed with other free programs distributed over the Web. While it is not malicious, any adware program is not safe. BlockIt spies on your web browsing for delivering ads that you are likely to click on for maximizing profit paid for such advertising. If you want to …Read more »

How to Remove Spy Guard Ads

Spy Guard Adware

Spy Guard is a program that monitors web traffic and can list websites that are tracking user’s web browsing. This program might be installed in a bundle with other free programs, and the name is quite attractive for some users that might willingly install this program. They barely would link popup ads to Spy Guard while this program has everything needed for such activity and uses its power for monetizing instead of protecting user’s privacy. Spy Guard tracks different system parameters and search queries using browser extensions installed into Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Then, it can display ads and …Read more »

How to Remove Default Tab and Fix Issues Related to Search Redirection

Default Tab browser hijacker

There are two issues related to Default Tab that you might need to fix. The first one is related to commercial web browser hijacker developed by Search Results LLC that redirects your web browsers to The second issue might be related to other programs that redirect your web search to different one by hijacking default new tab and other settings in your web browsers. Both issues quite similar, and you can use similar approaches for removing Default Tab and other web browser hijackers related to search redirection. This removal guide will help you to remove Default Tab either manually …Read more »

How to Remove Safe Monitor Ads

Safe Monitor adware

Safe Monitor is a program that claims to be related to anti-spyware products. It shows different parameters of the websites that left cookies in your web browsers including ones that track your browsing. However, this program has different application related to displaying ads in your web browsers. Thus, it is clear that Safe Monitor uses its anti-spyware capabilities for exactly opposite purpose and spies on your browsing and search queries to display ads related to your search queries and websites you visit. So, this program effectively helps itself to get rid of competitors in spying activities. If you want to …Read more »

How to Remove Free YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader

Removing Free YouTube Downloader might be complicated because this program comes with different sorts of adware programs. So, ads and redirects that you may want to remove might consists of many differently named components. These programs might greatly compromise your security and privacy by collecting information about you browsing and using your computer. Free YouTube Downloader often comes bundled with Complitly designed for displaying ads and redirecting your web search to In fact, Free YouTube Downloader is both a program and a set of web browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer needed for downloading videos from YouTube. …Read more »

How to Remove The Best Keylogger

The Best Keylogger

The Best Keylogger is a monitoring tool designed mostly for parental control and private use to observe family common PC usage. It can capture keystrokes and screens, deliver logs to remote location, and work in stealth mode. The logs are also well hidden to protect surveillance against accidental detection. The Best Keylogger can trace Internet activities but lacks of email and a chat capturing features. Though, it traces well computer and application use as well as keystrokes, and it might be used for different purposes than just parental control. Anyone can use this program to spy on you just by …Read more »

How to Remove Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert

Family Cyber Alert is a monitoring tool designed for parental control. It has all the standard features and can capture keystrokes, chat and email messages as well as do screen shots and send logs and alerts on suspicious activities to a remote computer with Cyber Alert component installed.  It also traces program use including games that might come with links to adult websites. Parents can block unwanted application and activities and have an eye on children Internet activities. Though, Family Cyber Alert is very inexpensive program and anyone can use it to spy on others for just fun, or for …Read more »

How to Remove Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech SpyAgent

Spytech SpyAgent is a monitoring tool with advanced features that make it very dangerous if used as a spyware for illegal purposes. It might be spread invisibly as a malware and be attached to some email you got. After being silently installed it might collect virtually all the information about user’s activities and any keystroke typed. In fact there are two versions of SpyAgent. One is installed as a program, and another is completely invisible and might serve logs of your activities through email, local network, or FTP to a remote computer. So, the last one might be used as …Read more »

How to Remove SoftActivity Keylogger

SoftActivity Keylogger

SoftActivity Keylogger is one of the most advanced commercial spyware tools with a user interface that barely would make someone puzzled. It is mostly designed for a private use since there is no network support, but features of this program fit needs of parents and those who needs some powerful program for private surveillance. SoftActivity Keylogger can capture keystrokes, record email and chats in social networks, make screen shots, record application and Internet usage. The information might be saved in different file formats and exported. SoftActivity Keylogger is not that stealth as other keyloggers, but it is not easy to …Read more »

How to Remove All In One Keylogger

All In One Keylogger

All In One keylogger is a commercial spyware program with very advanced feature pack. It is invisible and starts automatically performing all scheduled spying activities. This program is designed to capture keystrokes, chats, make screen shots and video, record sounds, control application and browser with pages visited and actions taken. The information is encrypted and sent via FTP to remote location or left on the observed computer for surveyor to access it later. All In One keylogger runs in a stealth mode, completely invisible and protected from spyware used to detect it. All In One Keylogger is legitimate software designed …Read more »


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