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How to Remove Lollipop (Win32.Lollipop Virus)

Win32.Lollipop virus

Lollipop is a program that hijacks computer and web browsers for displaying ads and redirecting default search engine and homepage to a different web address used for promotion. Some anti-virus software will detect it as Win32.Lollipop, and some don’t. So your computer might be infected. If you get ads in your web browser and cannot remove it, then it is possible that your computer is infected with Lollipop. Read this guide if you want to remove Lollipop and get rid of ads and rogue search engine and homepage caused by Lollipop You can manually remove Lollipop or use SpyHunter for …Read more »

Remove Win32.Sality Virus – Removal Tool

Sality is a win32 polymorphic virus class that infects MS Windows computers. It might be spread over the P2P (pear-to-pear) infected networks. Win32 Sality virus instances can communicate with each other over the network to distribute computing for cracking users passwords, spreading email spam, and protecting Sality virus instances from the removal. Win32 virus can carry a payload of different malicious programs, change system hosts file and proxy settings, and block antivirus tools. Win32 Sality virus is very complex due to its polymorphic nature, and even if antivirus program is not blocked it barely can detect Sality virus and prevent …Read more »


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