How to remove Antivirus Smart Protection

Antivirus Smart Protection was installed by a Trojan that was caught on the Internet, for example visiting some porn site even mistakenly (or some other infected Web-sites) or opening the E-mail letter with the malicious attachments. The fact is that you should not wait for good actions or help (that is still promised) from the program. So, you should remove Antivirus Smart Protection from your PC as soon as possible.

Otherwise this rogue program will spoil your proper work with your computer, showing a great number of the pop-ups, threatening you with the large list of viruses that it “detected” on your computer and asking you to pay a sum of money (your money for their fake antivirus program!) for its full version. Don’t buy the license key, just get rid of Antivirus Smart Protection.

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If you are going to remove Antivirus Smart Protection, so our instructions will help you. The beat way is to scan your computer with a good antivirus.

  1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking: reboot your computer and press F8 repeatedly, until you will see the Windows Advanced Options menu instead of Normal Windows loading.
  2. Select Safe mode with Networking with the help of the arrow keys and then press Enter.
  3. Then run Internet Explorer. Then follow the direction: Tools > Internet Options> Select Connections Tab > LAN Settings > uncheck “Use a proxy server“.
  4. Click OK to close LAN Settings.
  5. Click OK to close Internet Explorer settings.
  6. After these actions you can run your updated antivirus program and it will detect and remove all the viruses on your computer including the Trojan that has installed the Antivirus Smart Protection.

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