How to remove ErrorSmart

ErrorSmart, like all other programs that are fake antiviruses, tries to get user’s money under the fake purpose of the usage of all the features of the program, such as the ability to remove different viruses and other infections. Don’t believe to the program, it will just get your money and stop its activity. And if your computer is full of viruses (and it is obvious that there are different viruses that were downloaded by ErrorSmart), so they will stay on your computer after the deactivation of the program. Below you can find instructions and download necessary tools to remove spyware.

There are several methods how a person can remove ErrorSmart. As usual the methods are manual and automatic. The manual methods are treated as the most effective by some experts, but also the most dangerous. The automatic methods are the safest, but sometimes the user should try several antivirus programs in order to find the only that will solve his problem.
If you want to try manual method, then you should follow the instructions:

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

1. Open Start menu and, using the search, find the following folders and remove them:


2. Using the same method of search, navigate the following files of the unwanted program and remove them:

[%WINDOWS%]\Tasks\ErrorSmart Scheduled Scan.job
[%WINDOWS%]\Tasks\ErrorSmart System Startup.job
[%APPDATA%]\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\ErrorSmart.lnk
ErrorSmart on the Web.lnk

3. Then you can open Registry Editor and remove the registry entries that belong to ErrorSmart. In order to find these entries you should press Win+F and type ErrorSmart in the search line. Press Enter and you will find the registry keys and values that are associated with ErrorSmart. Highlight them and remove one by one.

4. After that you should scan your computer for viruses, because the program is still exists on your computer until the Trojan that has installed ErrorSmart on your computer is in your system, it can just restore the program.

If you don’t want to use dangerous ways of removal, you can use just some special removal tool, for example ErrorSmart removal tools.

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