How to Remove Funmoods Toolbar and Search Redirect

Funmoods toolbar is a browser add-on for making fun and bringing smiley faces to email and social network messages. It is often distributed along with free software downloads on websites as CNET or downloaded directly from its homepage. While users might like smileys, they found that their search and homepage are redirected to that runs a lot of different activities interfering with normal search such as deceptive advertising, surveys, and injecting promoted websites into organic search results. The negative sides of this add-on start to annoy users but if they try to remove Funmoods toolbar from computers, they found that usual ways doesn’t work, and this program is still present in browsers and needed to be somehow removed. If a user has more than one web browser, then the problem is multiplied on the amount of web browsers installed on the system, and each browser requires some special and not uniform procedure for removing add-on. It complicates the problem and makes people frustrated with the removal process. This page provides instruction that you need for uninstalling Funmoods from the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome web browsers, and let you remove Funmoods toolbar files and change other settings that belong to this program.


Funmoods toolbar


There wouldn’t be a problem if a user can remove Funmoods toolbar as a normal program. However, this add-on is not like a normal computer application. It consist of many components and cannot be completely removed with “Add/Remove programs” utility. Funmoods toolbar components are installed onto each web browser installed on the system, and the process of Funmoods toolbar complete removal requires making some changes to all web browsers. These changes are not uniform, and some users don’t ever know how to make them for a single browser. Removing add-on from many web browsers make this process overwhelmingly difficult for inexperienced users since it requires a lot of time and often doesn’t bring positive results unless user completely remove all active component of Funmoods toolbar installation.


Contents of Funmoods Toolbar Removal Guide

  1. Remove Funmoods Toolbar manually
  2. Funmoods Toolbar Removal Tool
  3. Remove Funmoods Toolbar from IE
  4. Remove Funmoods Toolbar from Firefox
  5. Remove Funmoods Toolbar from Chrome
  6. Complete Funmoods Toolbar removal


What is a Funmoods Toolbar

Since installing Funmoods Toolbar is not always noticed by the users installing free programs that it come with, some people think of this program as about some sort of virus. In strict terms, this program is just an unwanted adware that is installed in somewhat deceptive way since users seldom read all the EULA coming with free programs or other software. Moreover, there is a lot of smiling faces in the definitions of Funmoods Toolbar and statement about search redirect are somewhere in a shade of this advertisement.

Funmoods search page

Web search redirected by Funmoods toolbar to advertised and promoted websites that paid for promotion. This way of monetizing is widely used today by free software developers and distributors. Sponsored results are just spread among the organic search results, and people click to the links that sometimes are not even related to search terms. These results are completely irrelevant and they intimidate the user. People are trying to remove this program but find that it has a sticky nature and won’t go.

Funmoods toolbar uninstaller cannot completely remove this program since add-ons are installed to all present web browsers and require some uncommon task for the removal and changing browser settings. If Funmoods toolbar is not completely removed from the system, than homepage and search are still redirected. Even partly successful removal of Funmoods toolbar won’t remove adware and spyware programs that came from websites that use Funmoods redirect for promotion.

If you do not want to become a victim of the deceptive Installation practices common with free software, then you should carefully read EULA and investigate all labels in the option boxes present in the setup programs. Users that do not pay attention to the installation process often end up with unwanted programs being automatically installed.


Funmoods toolbar Removal Tool

If you want to remove Funmoods toolbar and get rid of search redirect, then you need some removal tool or a lot of time and handwork needed for removing Funmoods toolbar from each web browser that you use. Removal process is not that difficult at base, but fixing your system registry requires attention and making backup since errors might cause a very serious problem. Manual Funmoods toolbar removal is also a very time consuming process.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool


Remove Funmoods Toolbar Manually

For manual removal you need to use “Add/Remove program” first, and then remove other componets. You can start this Windows utility from the Control Panel. You also might need to find and remove malicious programs installed from websites found in the Funmoods search results. Use the guide below to remove Funmoods toolbar and test your system for spyware programs.

Note: If you do not know how to remove homepage and preferred search, look at manual instructions for different browsers placed below.

The list of files and registry settings for advanced computer users:

Remove Funmoods Toolbar Registry Keys:
Note: There is a lot more registry keys that are needed to be changed. Since errors made during manual removal are dangerous to your system, only the most vital keys are listed here. Other keys might be removed during automated Funmoods toolbar removal or with a help of registry cleaner program.
How to Edit Windows Registry


Unregister Funmoods Toolbar DLLs:
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\bh\escort.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortApp.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortEng.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escorTlbr.dll

C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortShld.dll How to Unregister DLL file


Delete Funmoods Toolbar Files:

C:\Program Files\Funmoods toolbar\Toolbars\Internet Explorer\conf\logger
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\bh\escort.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortApp.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortEng.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escorTlbr.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\escortShld.dll
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\FavIcon.ico
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\funmoodssrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Funmoods\\uninstall.exe

How to Show Hidden Files


Remove Funmoods Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Remove Funmoods toolbar Add-ons for IE Browsers

  • Start the browser and find Tools in top menu.
  • Pick Manage add-ons.
  • Select Toolbars and Extensions on left, and look for Funmoods toolbar related names in the list on the right side.
  • Select all of them and click Disable. Restart your browser.

Remove Funmoods toolbar for IE 8

  • Start the browser and find Tools in top menu.
  • Pick Internet Options from the menu and click it.
  • In Option window open General tab, find Search section, and click Settings button.
  • Mark you preferred search provider in the providers’ list and click Set as Default button.
  • You will see a list of search providers. Select your preferred search provider and click the button Set as default.
  • Find the line with Funmoods toolbar or like name in providers’ list. Then click Remove button.

Remove Funmoods toolbar for IE 9

  • Start the browser and find Tools in top menu.
  • Pick Internet Options from the menu and click it.
  • Open General tab, find Change search defaults, and click the Settings button.
  • Select your preferred provider and click Set as default button
  • Remove Funmoods toolbar and like from the list.

Remove Funmoods toolbar from Firefox

Remove Funmoods toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and enter “about .config” in URL bar.
  • Type “Keyword.url” in the search box and right click it.
  • Set it it something different than Funmoods or reset this parameter.
  • Type “” in the search box.
  • Right click and reset it to something different than Funmoods.
  • Type “” in the search box.
  • Right click and reset it to something different than Funmoods. Then search for “browser.newtab.url”, right click it and reset to prevent automatic launching Funmoods search on each new tab.
  • Restart Firefox to complete the removal.

Type “” in the search box. Right click it & reset it, or set it to something else than funmoods.
Search for ‘browser.newtab.url’. Right-click and reset. This will make sure that the search page won’t launch on each new tab.

Remove Funmoods toolbar from Chrome

Remove Funmoods toolbar for Google Chrome

  • Launch the program Google Chrome and click on Wrench icon in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Settings from the drop down list.
  • Find “Search” and click on Manage search engines.
  • Select your preferred search engine and click Make default.
  • Find and remove Funmoods toolbar related items.

Remove Search-Results Add-ons for Google Chrome

  • Start Google Chrome and click on the Wrench icon in the top-right corner.
  • Choose Settings from the drop down list.
  • Click on Extensions on the left to display installed extensions.
  • Find and Disable/Delete all Funmoods toolbar related items.
  • Restart your browser.


Note: If manual removal process is confusing, then you can use removal tool and uninstall Funmoods toolbar and search redirect without hustles. Scan your system with a free SpyHunter antispyware scanner that comes in a bundle with Funmoods toolbar Removal Tool for removing spyware programs installed onto your computer from malicious websites.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool


Remove Funmoods toolbar Completely

Funmoods toolbar search redirect might link you to potentially insecure and malicious websites. Spyware programs set silently with Trojans can control your system and hunt for your money. Your computer also might be used for illegal activities as a bot controlled by cyber criminals. SpyHunter antispyware will help you to avoid this trouble during the year since it comes with promotional free year-long license. Run full antispyware scan after you remove Funmoods toolbar and any time when you suspect that your system might got infected with some spyware. Keep your antivirus monitor on all the time while browsing the net or use a sand box programs designed to isolate your web sessions from the system.

Find more about computer system protection against malicious programs and the ways they are spread around.


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