How to remove Home Malware Cleaner

The viruses that are associated with the program can block some very important security programs or your Internet connection when you try to find some information about Home Malware Cleaner removal. So, the situation is not simple, if you have this malicious program on your computer, because when your security programs are blocked, the viruses are free to steal your personal information (including the number of your credit card) and after that they will crash your System. So, there is only one right way out from this situation, you should remove Home Malware Cleaner together with its viruses as soon as possible.

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So, as was mentioned above, the Home Malware Cleaner removal process can be difficult because of the viruses-protectors. So, the mail aim is to deactivate and then remove them together with the false antivirus program. So, if you are ready to get rid of this malware, follow the instructions:

1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Log on to your computer with a user account that has administrator rights.

3. Open you Internet Explorer, because we need to change some settings. Click on Tools, select Internet Options. Go to the tab Connections. At the bottom, click on LAN settings. Uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN. This action should stop the blocking of your Internet connection when you want to find some information about virus removal.

4. If Firefox is more easy for you, then you can use it also (it is not necessary to use both of the Explorers, just only one): open Firefox and choose Tools, then find and select Options, Advanced tab, Network, Settings and finally select No Proxy.

5. Then you should download any useful antivirus software or a special Home Malware Cleaner removal tool. For example, you can use Kaspersky TDSSKiller. Then scan your computer for viruses.

Mention that program described here is so called “rogue” application and you should remove Home Malware Cleaner using any suggested method.

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