How to Remove How to remove Ministere de L’interieur virus

Ministere de L’interieur virus is a ransomware that uses a name of French law enforcement agency to scare computer users with an accusations about criminal violation and extorting a ransom as a fine asked to be paid by the government. The law offenses as usual are some prohibited content use or distribution that no one can check with the content downloaded from random websites. The message is designed to scare people by promising more trouble unless a fine of 100 Euro is paid within 48 or 72 hours. To make it more scary Ministere de L’interieur virus screen has a camera with a message about recording victim and using records as an evidence for the lawsuit. There is no wonder that some people get scared and pay this ransom to cyber criminals since locked computer cannot help to find out the truth and remove Ministere de L’interieur virus.


Ministere de L’interieur virus Removal Guide


  1. Remove Ministere de L’interieur virus manually
  2. Ministere de L’interieur virus Removal Tool
  3. Complete Ministere de L’interieur virus removal

What is Ministere de L’interieur virus?


Ministere de L’interieur virus is spread with Trojans and designed to extort peoples’ money by scaring them with the power of some law enforcement authority. After this program gets into computer, it locks an access to the desktop and exposes a message supposedly coming from police with allegations in a crime committed by the victim. The sum of a fine requested to be paid with a Paysafe and Ukash prepaid cards doesn’t look too high to scared people. It helps cyber criminals to get easy money just by spreading Ministere de L’interieur virus around the World.


France Ministère De L’Intérieur virus


Ministere de L’interieur virus is spread with Trojans, and your computer might get infected after you visit some rogue website and download a free program or media infected with the Trojan. You might also get this malicious program by clicking on a link in some spammy email message. The Trojan that installs Ministere de L’interieur set this program to run automatically on the windows startup and this helps to capture control over the infected system and block the user’s access to computer.


Ministere de L’interieur virus Removal Tool


Ministere de L’interieur virus is well protected against removal since it locks the computer completely. It is difficult for an average computer user to find more information about removing this malware while computer is blocked, and it is hard to remove Ministere de L’interieur virus manually. Removal process requires some experience and knowledge that an average user do not have, and errors made during the removal might bring even more trouble to the system. These considerations make special removal tool a better choice for removing Ministere de L’interieur virus as a less dangerous and more reliable.

Ministere de L’interieur Virus Removal Tool helps to remove Ministere de L’interieur virus and other security threats that are often missed by antivirus programs. This offer comes with technical support and money back guaranty.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool


Remove Ministere de L’interieur virus manually


Try to access Windows System Restore while your system is started in a Safe Mode. You need to find the restore point set before your computer got infected and restore your system to the workable condition. System Restore will undo all the changes made by Ministere de L’interieur virus. So, you can restart your computer as normal and run a full scan with your security software to remove malicious programs installed onto your PC while the antivirus was blocked.

If the System Restore is not available or it wasn’t set to save restore points, then do the following:
1. First, you need to check and repair proxy settings to prevent hijacking that might link your computer to a malicious website.

2. Start your computer in a Safe Mode and log as a system administrator. Then access StarUp folder. For this click Start, select All Programs and find Startup folder. Look at the startup folder and remove any suspicious program that you cannot identify. Ministere de L’interieur virus uses random name consist of characters and numbers, but it might be also nemed to resamble some known windows programs that user would think are normal. Though, these programs would have different extension and installed in different location as compared to the original files. After you remove Ministere de L’interieur from the startup list, start your system as normal and see if it helps.

3. If removing Ministere de L’interieur virus from Startup doesn’t help to prevent blocking your PC, than you need to check and fix keys in the system registry.

Click Start and type regedit in the search field below. Then press Enter. (On windows XP you need to click Run in the menu and type the command in the input field of the Run utility.

Press OK button, or Enter key, when done.)

In Registry Editor Look for the keys

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run [some path] to randomly named Ministere de L’interieur virus executable file.

Note: Write this path and file name down. It will help you to find and remove Ministere de L’interieur executable later.

Expand the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

Look for Shell subkey in the right pane. It should be set to “Explorer”. If there is some other file or some additional string placed after “Explorer”, then remove any extras and leave only “Explorer” as a subkey value.

IMPORTANT: Before you make changes to your system registry database, make a backup file for the keys being changed or removed. You can do this by opening File menu in the Registry Editor and clicking Export. Then follow instructions on the screen. If something goes wrong, you can restore this key by double clicking the saved file. If no problem is noticed, then you can discard this backup file later.


Kill Ministere de L’interieur virus malicious processes


Note: The file is located in either %AppData% or %Temp% directory in the current user profile.

How to Stop Malicious Process with your Task Manager


Remove Ministere de L’interieur virus entries from system registry: 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run [path to random]\[random chars].exe

How to Edit Windows Registry


Delete Ministere de L’interieur virus file and folders: 

%UserName%\%Application Data%\[random chars folder name]\[random chars].exe
%UserName%\%Temp%\[random chars folder name]\[random chars].exe

How to Show Hidden Files


Complete Ministere de L’interieur virus removal


Ministere de L’interieur virus might come with other malicious programs. After you remove this ransomware components, make an update to your antivirus software and scan your system. You can use free antivirus scanner to make sure that no threat is missed. Then you need to scan your system for spyware programs with some antispyware since a normal antivirus wouldn’t warn you on presence of legitimate spying programs that might be used with malicious purpose by cuber criminals.

Find more about computer system protection against malicious programs.



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