How to Remove Refog Keylogger

Refog keylogger is a commercial spyware program for monitoring users’ activities. This program is designed to capture keystrokes, make screen shots, and control application and browser use. Then it might send gathered information to remote server. Refog keylogger might be configured to run in a stealth mode when this program is completely hidden from view. Since this program is considered to be legitimate software and designed to help parents, employers, and other who need to monitor computers’ usage, your antivirus program wouldn’t help you to detect its presence. You need a special antispyware program for detecting this program ran in a stealth mode. This program might be used by cyber criminals for stealing your private data and credit card information. With a care about your security and privacy, you need to uninstall Refog keylogger as soon as possible. This guide will help you to detect and remove Refog keylogger.


Contents of Refog Keylogger Removal Guide


  1. Remove Refog Keylogger manually
  2. Refog Keylogger Removal Tool
  3. Refog Keylogger Complete Removal

What is Refog Keylogger?


Refog Keylogger GUI


Refog Keylogger is a commercial spyware with key logger, screen capturing, and computer usage tracking. It is marketed to parents, employers, institutions, security departments to trace possible illegal or dangerous activities. This program can be used by anybody and not necessarily it will be used in a legal way. Cyber criminals might use Refog Keyloggert to spy on your private life or steal your passwords and data that can help to steal your money. Someone might use Refog Keylogger just to spy on you. If you use computer at public places, your passwords and credit card account information might be easily stolen by someone who control these computers with malicious purpose and trace user activities with Refog Keylogger and other spyware programs.


How Refog Keylogger can get into your system?


Anyone can download Refog Keylogger from CNET and install it on your computer. Though, it is only possible if one who installs this program has a full access to your system. Then, this program might be controlled from remote location, and if installed in a stealth mode, you will not be able to notice its presence without special tools or thorough manual investigation. Cyber criminals might also trick you to somehow install a hijacked version of Refog Keylogger and help them to spy on you. Please, careful when installing programs from the internet and use antispyware programs to protect yourself against the harm caused by spyware.


How to find out that Refog Keylogger is installed?


If this program is installation without using stealth feature, then you can see this program in the program list and easily remove Refog Keylogger with Add/Remove Programs utility found in the Control Panel. You also can use the uninstaller for this program directly from its menu or folder located in Program Files.

If Refog Keylogger is installed in a stealth mode, then you need special antispyware scanner to detect its presence and remove it. It is possible to remove Refog Keylogger manually, and this guide might help you to do that. Some unexpected system slowdown should be inspected and fixed with system optimization tools. If these tools wouldn’t help, then it might be a sign of spyware presence that loads your system with intensive activities such as frequent screen capturing an transferring this information over the Internet by email ran in the background. With a lack you can detect this program presence with a hotkey combination set by the controller. Try something like ALT+ CTRL+ DEL+H, and Refog Keylogger window might come up on a desktop.


What Refog Keylogger can do to spy on you?


Refog Keylogger is often used by parents, spouses, employers, and some institutions and businesses for tracing user activities and prevention some problem. Refog Keylogger can monitor your computer and your activities in various ways. Then it transfer log files to remote location or saves them for local use. The list below might give you some idea on the Refog

Keylogger features that might be used against you:

    1. Logging your keystrokes
    2. Making screenshots with some preset time intervals
    3. Recording the time when your applications were running during the day
    4. Recording your chats and clipboard
    5. Encrypting your activity logs and nailing them to remote location
    6. Running in a stealth mode and being completely invisible to antivirus software

With your keystrokes and screen shots, Refog Keylogger can help to disclose your passwords and other security information. This program helps to invade your privacy, and you need to protect yourself by removing Refog Keylogger or, at least, being aware that this spyware is used to control you.


Refog Keylogger Removal Tool


Antivirus software wouldn’t help to remove Refog Keylogger since this program is legitimate commercial software. You need some antispyware program for detecting and removing spyware. Refog Keylogger Removal Tool helps to remove Refog Keylogger quickly. It offers real-time protection against malware and free support.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool


How to manually remove Refog keylogger


If Refog Keylogger is installed in visible mode, then you can easily remove it with Add/Remove Programs utility, or use uninstaller for this program directly. It can be found at your system folder, and the path should look like this %WINDIR%\System32\MPK\unins000.exe.

When Refog Keylogger is installed in a stealth mode, the removal process is more difficult. First, you need to somehow find out that Refog Keylogger is installed. Your antivirus software wouldn’t alert you on this program presence. For this you need to investigate your system and look for files that belong to Refog Keylogger. These files are not visible in a stealth mode. Since you cannot see this program and kill its process once it is started in a stealth mode, you need to start your system in a Safe Mode that will prevent Refog Keylogger automatic start. Then you need to search and remove malicious files and registry entries.


Kill Refog Keylogger processes


How to Stop Malicious Process with your Task Manager


Remove Refog Keylogger entries from system registry: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger displayversion
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger helplink
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger helptelephone
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger publisher
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger urlinfoabout
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\kgb keylogger urlupdateinfo
Note: Make a system registry backup before you make changes in the system registry.

How to Edit Windows Registry


Unregister Refog Keylogger DLLs:

How to Unregister DLL file


Delete Refog Keylogger file and folders: 

%Program Files%\refog keylogger
Note: remove all files in this folder and then remove folder “refog keylogger”

How to Show Hidden Files


Note: If manual removal is hard for you, then you can use inexpensive removal tool to uninstall Refog Keylogger quickly and easily. SpyHunter antispyware that comes with this removal tool will help you to remove other spyware and malicious programs.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool


Remove Refog Keylogger Completely


Refog Keylogger in a stealth mode make your system vulnerable to infections. To remove these malicious programs you need to update your antivirus program and scan your system.

Find more about computer system protection against malicious programs and the ways they are spread around.


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