How to remove System Protection Tools

How to remove System Protection Tools? And why should we remove it anyway? The name suggests that System Protection Tools is a pretty useful program.Wrong!

System Protection Tools has nothing to do with protection of your computer, on the contrary, it can compromise the security of your PC. System Protection Tools is a rogue antivirus software that is cunningly designed exactly as a legitimate antivirus. The trick is used to confuse the PC users, make them believe that the threat warnings that System Protection Tools displays are real.

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The rogue is spread through the use of Trojans. For example, you may get this infection if you visit a malicious website.

1. Stop all the processes that the System Protection Tools rogue created. Click the Alt+Ctrl+Del buttons simultaneously and open the Task Manager.
In the Task Manager locate all the rogue’s processes, select each of them and then click the End Process button.
2. Remove all the files belonging to System Protection Tools
Search for the files using the Search for files and folders box in the Start menu. Type the filenames, then delete all of them one by one.
3. Locate and delete the registry files associated with System Protection Tools.
To remove the dll files you will need to run the Registry Editor – Windows utility that is used to modify the registry keys.

Go Start > Run. In the opened Command Prompt type “regedit” without the quotes and hit Enter.

In the Registry Editor window search for the System Protection Tools registry files and when you find them – remove. Before that you might need to make a back-up, just in case. Modifying the registry is a complicated process, you should be very careful about deleting the registries.

Besides the manual solution, the rogue can be effectively removed with a specialized tool. The automatic tool has many advantages – it is able to scan your PC and find all the rogues troubling your system. It is designed by experienced professionals who know exactly how to get rid of such rogues as System Protection Tools. The tool can carefully remove all the files connected with the rogue without damaging your system – it is 100% safe. Compared to the manual removal, the automatic removal is quicker, safer and it ensures a full removal of the rogue. Download the tool on another computer that is not infected by the rogue and then install it on the infected one.

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