How to remove Urausy Trojan Ransomware

Urausy Trojan is a new ransomware similar to Reveton Trojan. It is designed to scare people by accusing them in a violation of Copyright or related law and asking to pay a fine for this violation. The scam is designed to extort money from computer users and proved to be quite successful since the nature of internet makes it hard for users to figure out if the violation really occurred or not. Locked computer makes it even more difficult to learn about the new threat and remove Urausy Trojan from computer. Like with Reveton Trojan it is also hard to be sure what the variation of the Throjan design might be used with the same scam. You need to remove Urausy Trojan from your PC since you need your computer unlocked and your system secure.


Urausy Trojan ransomware


What is Urausy Trojan?


The Urausy Trojan is a computer infection that will locks your PC and displays a message that accuses you in violation of Copyright law or some other law related to the internet. It offers to pay a fine for a crime and for unlocking your computer. The whole point of this scam is to scare you and get your money. Trojan can pass through antivirus defense since not all the antivirus products can detect it and because not all the users use antivirus software properly. As soon as Urausy Trojan comes into your system, it blocks anything that might be used for detection and Urausy Trojan removal. Trojans are spread with freeware programs and free movies or music, and so many people might install it from the internet. This makes it even easier for scammers to accuse people in doing something illegal. People got scared and often react without thinking no law enforcement agency requires to pay a fine with a prepaid card like Ukash.



Urausy Trojan malicious activity


Like other Trojans Urausy ransomware might be used as a spyware and as a bot for some really illegal activity. Blocking the antivirus installed on computer makes the system defenseless and let more viruses and other malicious threats be installed and activated. Even if the system is unblocked after paying a ransom, there is no any guaranty that Urausy Trojan will be removed. When installed. it is configured to start along with operating system, and this let Urausy Trojan control your system. It will block your access to the desktop, block utility programs that might be used to remove it, block antivirus software and your access to security websites. Though, it is possible to remove this Urausy Trojan Ransomware from your PC if you prevent this program from starting.



Urausy Trojan Removal Tool


Urausy Trojan removal might get complicated by the use of different malicious program designs with the same scam. That is basically why special removal tools and antivirus products are more reliable than manual Urausy Trojan removal. As soon as you got an access to the internet you can download and run any antivirus scanner. Urausy Trojan Removal Tool helps to remove this ransomware and other malicious programs. It offers free professional support and real-time anti-malware protection.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool



How to manually Remove Urausy Trojan

Some malicious program designs with possibly similar look might use scripts to leave no traces in your system. Try to turn power off without touching anything in the window that might trigger some malicious downloads. After you turn your system back on, it might be gone.
Next step you can use is a then you can try to remove it with Windows system restore run in Safe Mode. It might help to remove Trojan you got. However, even if you succeed with removal this way, do not assume that your system is got clean. Your system might be also infected with viruses that infect System Restore files, and you need to make a full system scan to find and remove this threat.

If you cannot use system restore, try to start msconfig and use it to prevent starting all of the suspicious and unneeded programs. Write this programs names and locations down. If the Trojan screen disappears when you restart your system in normal mode, start msconfig again and turn these items on one by one. Then you need to uncheck this program in a startup list with system started in a Safe Mode. After that you can reboot your system in normal mode again, then find and remove the Trojan program from your PC. If the file is hidden, look at How to Show Hidden Files article.

Normally the Urausy Trojan executable file would be named as [random chars]. exe and placed in the temporary or application data folders.
Note: If these procedures look difficult, then it might be better to use removal tools for Urausy Trojan removal. You can also look at help articles that describe basic steps and working with Windows utilities. Be careful while working with Registry Editor since errors in the registry might be fatal to your system. With removal tools you can uninstall Urausy Trojan without excessive effort.


DownloadDownload Removal Tool



Remove Urausy Trojan completely

Urausy Trojan might come in a bundle with other malicious programs and you need to remove them also to make your system clean and secure. After you stop malicious process, try to update your antivirus and run full system scan that will help to find and remove malicious programs. If no problems are found, then use free antivirus scanners from different known manufacturers to remove malware that might be found on your computer.



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