How to remove Windows Antivirus Patch rogue

Windows Antivirus Patch is one of those rogue anti-virus programs lurking on the Internet and waiting for the chance to download itself on some computer the user of which is not cautious enough to stay away from dangerous websites. Once the wait is over and the fake antivirus is successfully downloaded on a certain unlucky computer, the Windows Antivirus Patch starts its malicious actions trying to scare its user into purchasing the full version of the useless and even dangerous product.

Windows Antivirus Patch would appear very convincing in its attempts to make the user believe that it is not a rogue but a real antivirus. Its interface would remind of a real and trustful antivirus. It would send dozens of alerts and notices about numerous attacks on the PC, various bugs and viruses trying to crash it. And the only option left according to it would be to immediately buy and download its full version. The user’s reaction to this situation should be quick – Windows Antivirus Patch must be removed from the PC as soon as possible and without any hesitation.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

If your PC is infected with Windows Antivirus Patch, there are two possible solutions: remove it manually (which is quite a complicated way) or automatically (you will need to download and install a specialized tool).

Those who posses advanced computer knowledge and can handle problems on their own can follow these steps to remove Windows Antivirus Patch manually:

  1. Open Task Manager by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons all at the same time. Find the following processes, select each of them and click End the process.
    • random.exe
    • Protector.exe

  2. Find and remove all the files associated with the rogue:
    • %StartMenu%\Programs\Windows Antivirus Patch.lnk
    • %AppData%\Protector.exe
    • %AppData%\result.db
    • %Desktop%\Windows Antivirus Patch.lnk

    To find them use the Search for files and folders box in the Start menu. Just type the name of each file in the box and wait until it is found. Then delete it.

  3. Find and remove all the registries associated with Windows Antivirus Patch. You may Google the list of the registries you need to remove or find them on your own. Remember to be extra cautious when dealing with Registry Editor, as you may crush your system if you happen to delete a wrong registry file.
  4. To open the Registry Editor click Start, then Run and type “regedit” in the Command Prompt.

  5. And finally remove the following DLL file:
    • %AppData%\NPSWF32.dll

    If you successfully completed the steps, this should be the end of Windows Antivirus Patch.

    And for those who do not consider themselves advanced PC users and are in need for quick and efficient solution, there is an automatic tool called “Windows Antivirus Patch Removal Tool” that is guaranteed to remove Windows Antivirus Patch.

    DownloadDownload Removal Tool

    The tool is easy and safe to use. All you will need to do is to download and install it on your PC and it will do all the work for you.
    To download the tool from the Internet using the infected computer, first you should change some Internet settings, because the rogue has already changed them to prevent you from downloading a powerful antivirus or a removal tool.

    • First open your Internet Explorer and click on Tools, then select Internet Options
    • Now click on Connections and select LAN Settings
    • Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN box and click OK to save the changes.

    Alternatively, you may use another computer to download the tool. When the download process is finished, install the tool on your PC and see how easily it will get rid of the annoying Windows Antivirus Patch.

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