How to remove Windows Internet Booster

What is Windows Internet Booster?

Windows Internet Booster is a fake antivirus program that should be removed from your PC as soon as you detect it. The rogue disguises itself as a real antivirus to confuse PC users.

How did I get the Windows Internet Booster?

The rogue is spread through the use of Trojans. You might have visited an infected website that displayed numerous fake alerts from what claimed to be an online antivirus scanner. Windows Internet Booster secretly installed itself on your PC and created numerous files and processes there.

Are the threats detected by Windows Internet Booster real?

No, none of them is real. Windows Internet Booster is 100% useless as an antivirus. The antivirus scan it supposedly runs is only a pretend. The results it shows are nothing more than a trick used to confuse you. Once the rogue is installed on your PC, it creates new files by different names which it detects as viruses after the scan. The files are not harmful for your system, they are needed to make you believe that the threats are real.

What is the purpose of the rogue?

The program runs a pretend scan and sends dozens of notifications with a sole purpose that is to scare PC users into purchasing a useless license code for the full version of the rogue. Cyber criminals make money by distributing various rogues with different names and designs. These fake viruses were named “FakeVimes”.

How can I remove Windows Internet Booster?

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

Remove Windows Internet Booster now and stop the annoying alerts that the rogue keeps sending you. The fake alerts can be stopped by entering the registration code 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0020. Unfortunately, this would be not enough to remove Windows Internet Booster completely.

Now let us get to grips with the problem and remove the fake antivirus completely. There are two main options available to you – remove the rogue independently or automatically.
The automatic solution is recommended for all the users as it will not damage your computer and the complete removal is guaranteed if you use the automatic tool. The best way to get rid of Windows Internet Booster is to download and install the automatic tool designed by experienced professionals.

Be aware that the manual way is not fully safe, especially if you are not an experienced user. It is possible to remove the rogue manually if you complete all the steps carefully and accurately: 1. First of all, stop all the processes run by Windows Internet Booster. 2. Remove all the files associated with the rogue. 3. Delete the registry files that the rogue created when it installed on your PC.

If you are not sure how to do that – use the automatic tool that will professionally and carefully uninstall the rogue. Windows Internet Booster might have corrupted your Internet connection, in this case download the tool on another PC and then install it on the infected one. After the tool removes Windows Internet Booster, make sure the rogue cannot infect your PC again by downloading a powerful antivirus. Keep it updated and you PC will be safe from the FakeVimes.

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