How to remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner

If you see the annoying windows of Windows ProSecurity Scanner, so you should know that your computer with all the information on it is at stake. Windows ProSecurity Scanner is a rogue antivirus program that tries to make you to “Activate Ultimate protection” of the program, purchasing the full version. Never buy the license key of the program, remember that it will not solve your problems with infections. It will just promise, but never keep the promise. If you are eager to buy its license key in order to stop the repeated alerts of this program, so we can give you this chance. Don’t buy the license key, you are welcome to use it for free:


This license key will just stop the activity of the program, but not the program itself and even not the viruses that accompanied Windows ProSecurity Scanner. Remember that in order to keep your computer free from viruses you should remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner. Never think that the program is able to scan your computer, so all the threats, the names of which you can see, just the unreal threats or real threats, but they are not on your computer.

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All the alerts of the program are fake. All the scans are also fake. But you can really pay money for the installation of viruses in your system and for the potential installation of the new version of Windows ProSecurity Scanner or any other rogue antivirus program without your permission or even knowledge.
You should remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner as soon as possible if you see this program on your computer. Just follow the instructions:

  • Boot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Log on to your computer with a user account that has administrator rights
  • Open Internet Options in the Tools of your browser.
  • Press LAN settings button in the tab Connections.
  • Uncheck the option “Use a proxy server for your LAN” in order to have an opportunity to use Internet again.
  • Then you can be free to use your Internet to download any powerful antivirus removal tool, for example RKill. It will kill all the malicious processes only on your computer, but you should also remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner files and folders and registry entries. You can try to do it manually or use any powerful antivirus, for example MalwareBytes Antimalware or SpyHunter.

If this method was not useful for you or the program restored itself after some time, you can use Windows ProSecurity Scanner Removal Tool in order to remove Windows ProSecurity Scanner. Windows ProSecurity Scanner Removal Tool is able to remove all the parts of the program that doesn’t want to be removed.

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