How to remove Windows Protection Master

Windows Protection Master does not differ from other fake antivirus programs and like other such programs it makes some changes in System Registry and different system settings. Windows Protection Master can control your internet connection and of course it will insist on the purchasing of its full version. But this is also a useless method to solve all the viral problems on your computer. Just think logically, what for should a malware remove all the viruses on your computer? It is just a deception. Windows Protection Master just will stop its malicious activity on the PC, but the infections that accompany it will stay and the operational system will be at stake. So, don’t buy the license key, because it is just useless. It is better to remove Windows Protection Master as soon as possible and remove all other infections of your computer.

In order to get rid of Windows Protection Master, follow our instructions:

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1. If you are an experienced user, so you can remove this malware manually, deleting all the Windows Protection Master associated files, using Search in Start Menu:

%Windows%\Windows Protection Master.exe
%commonprograms%\Windows Protection Master.lnk

2. And also you should remove all the registry keys that belong to the malware:

But before doing any changes in your system registry, don’t forget to create a backup copy of it. To do that you should open Registry Editor by pressing Windows button and R simultaneously and typing here the command regedit. Then you will see the window of the registry Editor, find there the shortcut of the computer, right click it and click export. Then save this backup copy of the registry and in any time you will be able to restore your registry to this data.

3.After the removal of all the registry entries of Windows Protection Master you should scan your computer for viruses, use only the latest and updated version of the antivirus program. This step will help you to get rid of the infections that were safely kept in your system.

If you are not an experienced user, so you can skip the first two steps and try to use only the third item, if it will not help, then you can scan your computer for malware using SpyHunter offered as a removal tool here.

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