How to remove Windows Smart Partner

Actually it is a malicious program that was created to steal your personal data and money with the help of different viruses that are related to the program. The perchance of the license key will not save the situation, because the license will just stop the activity of Windows Smart Partner, but the removal of the found viruses (that actually don’t exist in your system) will not happen. Don’t pay any serious attention to the alerts of the program; the main thing you should pay attention to is how to remove Windows Smart Partner. So, let’s begin to eliminate this problem.

If you are not an experienced user then try to use more automated methods not to harm the system. You can try to use special removal tools, for example, Windows Smart Partner Removal Tool and start it in a Safe Mode if malware blocks it. If not, then it would be better for you to use the following method in order to remove Windows Smart Partner (for experienced users only):

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1. Stop the process of Windows Smart Partner in task Manager:

  • [random].exe

It may consist of a great row of different numbers or it may have some strange names that cannot belong to system process.

2. Don’t reboot your computer in order not to restart the process of the malicious program again. Then you should open registry Editor, make a backup copy of it (fir some unfavorable cases), then navigate and delete the following registry entries:

  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run!Inspector

3. After that you should find and delete all the files related to Windows Smart Partner:

  • %appdata%\npswf32.dll
  • %appdata%\Inspector-[rnd].exe
  • %desktopdir%\Windows Smart Partner.lnk
  • %commonprograms%\Windows Smart Partner.lnk

To find them, you can use the Search line in the Start Menu.

4. And the last step is to scan your computer fro viruses, using any antivirus you trust. You should download it, install and update it. Only the updated antivirus program will be useful in the fight with this malware and will remove Windows Smart Partner fron your computer once and for all.

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