How to remove WinMaximizer

WinMaximizer is a fake and malicious program that pretends to be some sort of Windows system manager and optimizer while it is not more than a fraudulent imitation of some useful activity performed in your system. This program uses the same social engineering trick as a bunch of other fake system managers and antivirus programs like its “close relative” SLowPCFighter scam or the FakeVimes family of scareware. These programs are not only completely useless, but their present danger to your security and privacy, and you need to remove WinMaximizer from your system as soon as possible.

WinMaximizer will intimidate you with alerts about some inexistent problems and offer to improve your system after you pay for this program. It doesn’t worth even a penny, and if you pay for this program with your credit card, than it is quite possible that your credit card info will go to the hands of criminals that will empty your credit card account. This program will change your browser settings, show commercial ads, connect itself to the internet, and run in background as long as your system is running.

Right ways to remove WinMaximizer from your computer

To remove WinMaximizer spyware program from your computer manually, you need to block WinMaximizer sites or turn off your internet connection before you start. Then you need to stop this malware running processes, unregister DLL file, find and delete all files that belong to WinMaximizer and remove its keys from your system registry. Use instructions below if you opt for manual removal.

You can remove WinMaximizer with special removal utility program that saves you from possible trouble and hardships during manual removal process. If you are not comfortable enough with managing Windows system, then this way is more safe and reliable for you than manual removal.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

Remove WinMaximizer manually

If you are experienced in Windows system administration and system tools used for this purpose, then you can remove WinMaximiser manually. If your PC skills are less than that, then you need to be very careful while removing entries from your system registry with regedit.exe because wrong keys deleted might do your system or some programs inoperable and bring more harm than remedy.

Unblock your system utility programs:

It is possible that Task Manager and other utilities are blocked by WinMaximizer, and you wouldn’t be able to stop malicious processes with your Task Manager and use other system tools needed for removal.

If this is the case, first try to start your Task Manager with the system started in the Safe Mode. If it works, then skip following instruction. If it is not started in the Safe Mode, then do following:

• Open C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder and find taskmgr.exe
• Copy this file and paste it somewhere.
• Rename this file, bring it back to system32 folder, and start it.
• Now Task Manager will run.

Stop and remove WinMaximizer processes:

• Sync.exe
• SLOW-PCfighter.exe
• MsgSys.exe

HELP: How to Stop Malicious Process

Note: If you are not comfortable with regedit.exe, then better use the automated removal program to completely remove WinMaximizer from your system. If you are quite confident in your ability to perform needed tasks without screwing up your operating system, then do next:

Find and remove WinMaximizer registry entries:

• HKCU\Software\WinMaximizer
• HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{6C4BA010-69C2-46C7-B559-DC513EEB0B5F}_is1

HELP: How to edit Windows Registry

Note: There are more things needed to be done with you system registry; however, removing listed keys should be sufficient remedy for the WInMaximizer removal, and it is quite safe and manageable. Use your registry cleaner software to remove stray keys and fix broken keys, or use WinMaximizer Removal Tool for safe and complete removal.

Find and unregister WinMaximizer DLL:

• sfhtml.dll

Note: it is located at %ProgramFiles%\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\sfhtml.dll

HELP: How to unregister DLL file

Find and remove WinMaximizer files:

• %WinDir%\Tasks\SLOW-PCfighter-Administrator-Startup.job
• %WinDir%\Tasks\SLOW-PCfighter-Administrator-Notification.job
• %ProgramFiles%\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\Sync.exe
• %ProgramFiles%\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\SLOW-PCfighter.exe
• %ProgramFiles%\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\sfhtml.dll
• %ProgramFiles%\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\MsgSys.exe
• %AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Fighters\SLOW-PCfighter\SLOW-PCfighter.lnk

HELP: How to remove hidden files

Remove WinMaximizer with special removal tool

No special instructions or skills are needed to use the automated removal utility. Just download and run it.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

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