How to Remove Attentive Antivirus

Attentive Antivirus is a new version of rogue antivirus program that infects computers using computer system vulnerabilities and weak antivirus protection. This nasty program blocks user’s applications and claims that it is made by fake viruses found by Attentive Antivirus during fake anti-virus scans. This fake security program belongs to WinWebSec virus family like System Care Antivirus that is still infecting computers all around the world. Basically, these programs run fake security scans and produce fake security alerts to scare computer users and offer them purchasing licensed version of Attentive Antivirus that will supposedly remove this faked malware infections. Removing Attentive Antivirus is complicated by blocked access to system tools and websites related to security. Though, it can be unblocked by a fake purchase of Attentive Antivirus performed with a right key. Then you can remove Attentive Antivirus either manually or download Attentive Antivirus removal tool that can remove this program without difficulties that some computer users might have with manual removal,

This removal guide will help you to remove Attentive Antivirus either manually or with a help of Attentive Antivirus Removal Tool. This removal tool comes with FREE advanced anti-malware program and FREE online support effective for one year.


What is Attentive Antivirus?

Attentive Antivirus is a rogue antivirus program typical for WinWebSec virus family. This program does not provide any useful functionality and protection, but instead it infects the system, performs dangerous activities and let other viruses to infect computer because real security software on user’s computer can be blocked by Attentive Antivirus. It also blocks user applications for making their use impossible. This pushes computer users for a purchase as well as scary fake security scans and false alerts about inexistant viruses.

Attentive Antivirus Rogue Program

Attentive Antivirus is spread from malicious websites where visitors are tricked into downloading this malicious program and other computer viruses. It might be bundled with popular free programs or hacked propitiatory software offered for free. There are many different ways that cyber criminals might use for infecting your computer with Attentive Antivirus, and only safe browsing and good anti-virus protection can help to stop the infection.



Attentive Antivirus Removal Tool

If you system get infected with Attentive Antivirus, so your anti-virus software cannot help you to remove it since it is blocked by this malicious program. Although it is possible to remove Attentive Antivirus manually, this way is generally advised only to very experienced computer users since errors made during manual removal might hurt your computer.

For automated removal you can use Attentive Antivirus Removal Tool that is delivered along with online support and additional software for computer protection that are free for one year.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

If your access to the Internet is blocked by some malicious program, then try to:

  1. Restart your computer and tap “F8” key when Windows loading is started.
  2. Highlite “Safe Mode with Networking” and continue.
  3. Open this page in your web browser
  4. Download and install this removal tool.

Start the removal tool and let it detect and remove malicious programs.



Remove Attentive Antivirus Manually

For removing Attentive Antivirus manually you need some information and accuracy during performing removal procedures. Special care should be taken to working with System Registry. Remember that there is no UNDO in the Windows Registry Editor. You need to make a backup of the registry keys before removing or editing them.

Accessing Windows system tools blocked by Attentive Antivirus

Since your Task Manager, Registry Editor and other system tools might be blocked by Attentive Antivirus, you need to unblock this utilities for making necessary operations. Try to reboot your computer in a Safe Mode that will prevent Attentive Antivirus automatic start.

Using fake registration for unblocking system tools

Alternative way is unlocking your computer by fake purchasing and registration process with this key: AF03E-A1B69411-5E496BEE-92A70D00-1AD697F6.

IMPORTANT: This registration cannot remove Attentive Antivirus but it helps to make it easier. So, you have to go on with actual Attentive Antivirus removal using following steps.


Remove Attentive Antivirus components:

Kill Attentive Antivirus malicious processes


How to Stop Malicious Process with your Task Manager


Remove Attentive Antivirus entries from system registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “WaDprnV7” = “%AppData%\\.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “”
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\featurecontrol\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION “svchost.exe”
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “enablehttp1_1” = ‘1’

How to Edit Windows Registry


Delete Attentive Antivirus files and folders:


How to Show Hidden Files


Note: If manual removal is scary and confusing for you, then use removal tool instead and get a free professional assistance for solving any complications with removing Attentive Antivirus from your computer. All support and additional security software is free for one year.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

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  • Easily remove programs like one that infected your computer
  • Remove programs that can steal your money and private data
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  • Find and remove legitimate programs that help to spy on you

Use your FREE ANTISPYWARE for detecting and removing dangerous programs that are not addressed by conventional antivirus products.



Remove Attentive Antivirus Completely

Other computer infections might come along with Attentive Antivirus and serve different purpose. They can spy on your money transfers and passwords. They might also run illegal activities using your computer. So, you need to use a good antivirus and special anti-spyware program to prevent such a possibility. Attentive Antivirus removal tool comes with a free software that can help to protect your system for a year for free. It removes hidden threats and other computer infections similar or different from Attentive Antivirus.

Find more about prevention computer infections and protection against malicious programs.

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