How to Remove Omiga Plus Redirect Virus

Omiga Plus is promoted as a desktop link organizer. It does change your shortcut links, so that any time when you start your Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, it is redirected to or other related unwanted web address. Computer users that know how to remove browser hijacker components might fail with removing Omiga Plus if they do not know about the trick used for redirecting web browsers with a help of infected desktop shortcuts.

This guide offers you detailed Omiga Plus removal instructions. You can completely remove Omiga Plus. However, there might be bundled adware that also need to be removed, to say nothing of malicious programs that might reside on your computer. If you want to remove all infections, then use SpyHunter’s removal tool that comes with a free scanner. It shows you all computer infections found with details helpful for manual removal. This program offers clean removal process and real time protection that can help you not only easily remove Omiga Plus and like threats but also remove other malicious programs and protect your computer against feature infections. redirect

If you do not need real time anti-malware protection, then you can remove Omiga Plus by following this guide or use less expensive Omiga Plus Removal Tool with a year-long deal for removing all subsequent computer infections for free. It comes with free scanner and free online support that helps to remove complex computer infections.


What is Omiga Plus?

Omiga Plus is a hijacker used for installing search redirects that promote links injected into organic search results and other ways of advertising. While it is not malicious activity, it wastes your time and web traffic. It might compromise your privacy, and what no one likes about Omiga Plus is a deceptive way of its installation along with download clients that come with free programs. Barely one would also like the way of removing Omiga Plus that requires many different procedures since it infects different web browsers and might come with other adware programs that make removing process a huge time waste, especially if it seems that the redirect to is still in place despite of removal. This browser hijacker infects desktop shortcut links, and you need even more time for removing them and getting rid of the redirect.

Protection against deceptively installed Omiga Plus adware

it is possible to stop adware before it is installed onto your system. Legal requirements force adware distributors to place the information about installing adware somewhere, and you need to search for this information before clicking “install” button. If you want to avoid installing stubborn search redirect viruses onto your computer, then always pay attention to all marked check boxes since and like adware is set for an automatic installation. Use “custom” installation option instead of “typical” one that often hides adware installed along with a free program.



Omiga Plus Adware Removal Tool

Omiga Plus Removal Tool is a part of SpyHunter that easily remove Omiga Plus and other malicious programs found on your computer. It detects all malicious elements and tracking cookies related to Omiga Plus malware. Free scanner shows you all the details and helps to delete Omiga Plus components manually if you want. This software is timely updated and offers a free professional support for removing mutating viruses. It helps to remove stubborn PUP (potentially unwanted programs) and spyware, protects DNS connection, your web browsers, ActiveX components, and other system elements form malware infection. SpyHunter helps to guard your computer against Omiga Plus and other threats. It protects your security and privacy.

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Remove Omiga Plus Manually

For manual removal, you need to uninstall all Omiga Plus search redirect components. First, you need to uninstall the program using “Add/Remove programs” utility (“Programs and Features” on Windows 7 and Vista). You can start this utility program by clicking a link in the Control Panel menu. Then you need to find and remove Omiga Plus. After this program is removed, you need to remove Omiga Plus add-ons from your web browsers and reset browser settings to preferred ones.

Use the following guide for manual removal. Then scan your computer with anti-spyware program to make sure hidden malicious programs and spyware are also removed.


Uninstall Omiga Plus on Windows 8

  1. On Metro screen click on "Search" icon. Then, type "Remove Program" in the input box and click on "Uninstall a program" menu option.

  2. Access Uninstall from Metro on Windows 8

    Optional: If on a desktop, right click "Start" button (or the lower left corner) to open the "Quick Access Menu". Then find and click on "Programs and Features"

    Access Uninstall from Windows 8 Desktop

    Optional: Click on "Control Panel" option. Find and click "Uninstall a Program" link in the menu list placed under "Programs" menu option.

  3. Select "Wsys Control and other adware" program and click "Uninstall" button at the top of the list.

  4. Uninstall Programs on Windows 8


Uninstall Omiga Plus on Windows 7, Vista

  1. Click on "Start" button at the bottom left corner of the desktop and select "Control Panel" option on the right

  2. Access Control Panel from Windows 7 Start Menu

  3. Click on "Programs and Features" menu option in the Control Panel

  4. Access Uninstall from Control Panel on Windows 7

  5. Search the program list and highlight Wsys Control and other adware program. Then, click "Uninstall" button and confirm program removal.

  6. Uninstall Programs on Windows 7


Uninstall Omiga Plus on Windows XP

Uninstalling Omiga Plus from Windows XP is very similar to one shown above. There are minor differences in a process:

  1. Click on "Start" button at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  2. Select "Control Panel" in the menu on the right
  3. Find and double-click "Add/Remove Programs" list item in the Control Panel
  4. Search the program list and click on Wsys Control and other adware program. Then, click "Remove" button.


Remove Omiga Plus from Chrome

Remove Omiga Plus extensions from Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome and click on Menu icon in the top-right corner. Select Settings in the drop down list.

  2. Access Chrome Settings from Chrome Menu

  3. Click on Extensions on the left to display installed Chrome extensions. Find Wsys Control and other adware extension and click on "Remove from Chrome" icon.

  4. Remove Chrome Extension

  5. Restart your browser.

Remove serarch engine address redirect from Google Chrome

  1. Select Settings in the drop-down menu list as shown above.
  2. Find "Search" and click on Manage search engines button.

  3. Manage Search Engines for Chrome

  4. Select search engine and click on "Remove" icon.
  5. Remove Unwanted Search Engine from Google Chrome

  6. Select your preferred search engine and click Make default option.


Remove homepage redirect on Google Chrome

  1. Find "On Startup" section and click on Set pages link.

  2. Replace Homepage for Chrome

  3. Select or other unwanted address and click Remove icon.

  4. Remove Unwanted Homepage Address on Chrome

  5. Select or add your preferred homepage address and click on OK button or leave as your default.


Remove Omiga Plus from Firefox

Remove Omiga Plus add-on from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and click Menu icon at the top-right corner. Click on Add-ons icon.

  2. Access Add-ons from Firefox Menu

  3. Select Extensions on the sidebar. Find Wsys Control and other adware add-on. Right-click it, and then click Remove button.

  4. Remove Add-on from Firefox

  5. Restart Firefox to complete the removal.

Remove serarch redirect from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and enter "about:config" in address bar and press Enter.
  2. In a warning box press "I'll be careful, I promise" button.

  3. Access Advanced Functions on Mozilla Firefox

  4. Find and double-click on "" item in the list.
  5. Type preferred search engine name in the box and click OKbutton.

  6. Replace Search Engine for Firefox

    li>Find and double-click on browser.newtab.url item in the list.
  7. Type preferred URL or "about:newtab" for a blank one and click OK button.

  8. Replace New Tab for Firefox

  9. Restart Firefox to complete the removal.


Remove Omiga Plus from Internet Explorer

Remove Omiga Plus extensions from Internet Explorer

  1. Start Internet Explorer click Tools icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on Manage add-ons option.

  3. Access Add-ons from Internet Explorer Menu

  4. Select Toolbars and Extensions tab on left, right-click on Wsys Control and other adware, and then click Disable option.

  5. Remove Extensions from Internet Explorer

  6. Restart your web browser.

Replace with a preferred search engine for Internet Explorer

  1. Open Tools menu and click on Manage add-ons option as shown above.
  2. Click on Search Providers tab located on left side.
  3. Find and click on unwanted search provider name in the list of providers. Then click on Remove button.
  4. Find your preferred search provider and click on Set as default button.

  5. Replace Search Engine for Internet Explorer

Replace homepage with a preffered one for Internet Explorer

  1. Open Tools menu and click on Internet Options menu item.
  2. Open General tab, find Home page section, and replace with a preferred homepage address. Then click on Apply button.

  3. Replace Homepage for Internet Explorer


For removing a tricky redirect appended to your web browser shortcut links, you need to right-click the link on your desktop and menu item related to your web browsers. In the popup menu click Properties option placed at the bottom. In the opened dialog box click Target and remove everything placed after [browser name].exe. Do it for all shortcuts on your desktop and all menu items in the Start menu. If there are some web pages saved on your desktop recently, check them also.


Remove Omiga Plus Search Redirect Completely

Omiga Plus search redirect might come along with other unwanted programs that display ads and redirect your web search. You need to remove all of them and scan your system for identifying and removing other threats. Use decent and powerful antivirus software for protecting your system, and scan your system with a free anti-spyware program that comes with this removal tool for removing hidden threats that are legitimate in nature and are not addressed by antivirus products.

Look for possible malicious redirects set in your Hosts file. Cyber criminals like to use this simple way for hacking your computer and using it as a bot for internet frauds. They might steal your money as well, and that is why anti-spyware like one provided with this removal tool exists. Should you find that some problems with search redirect after removing Omiga Plus, then check your web browser proxy and default settings and reset them to defaults. Clean cookies from your web browsers.

Find more about prevention computer infections and protection against malicious programs.

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