How to Remove SUPO virus

SUPO Virus is a ransomware scam ran by cyber criminals in Finland. If your computer is locked and displays a screen like one placed below with a message Poliisin Tekniikkakeskus, then it is a sign of infection and you need to remove SUPO Virus instead of paying a ransom. Another sign of SUPO Virus infection is asking you to pay 100 EURO using Paysafecard . Police wouldn’t lock your computer for the matter that worth 100 EURO and use the same payment system that lets cyber criminals walk free. While removing SUPO Virus is possible, some computer users just get scared and fall victims of this scam. Do not expect that cyber criminals would unlock your computer if you pay the ransom. SUPO Virus have to be removed as soon as possible since it might contain exploits that would use your computer as a bot for criminal scams. SUPO Virus might be protected by rootkit that makes it removal more complicated than before, and even for manual removal you need to use some special tools that would help to start your computer unless you download and use Spy Hunter that has all necessary tools for ransomware removal and protecting your computer from other infections and dangerous programs.

This manual removal guide will help you to remove SUPO Virus manually or with a help of Kaspersky Resque Disk and SUPO Virus Removal Tool that is not expensive and comes with free online support and a deal for a free virus removal for one year either with free security software or professional support and online removal.


What is SUPO Virus?

SUPO Virus is a screen locker combined with a fake message designed to scare victims and help cyber criminals to extort money. The specifics of this message depend on a country where infected computer is located, but other things are the same, and you can remove any version of Ukash or Moneypak virues by following this instructions. If you just want to protect your computer against such infection, than you need to know that SUPO Virus infects computers with a help of Trojans spread by cyber criminals. These Trojans come from infected and malicious websites when you visit them and click something that triggers the installation. Free program download might also be infected with Trojans especially if it comes from torrents or pear-to-pear networks often used by cyber criminals for spreading ransomware like SUPO Virus.

Policihallituksen virus exploits Suomen Police for scaring victims

Websites with adult content and computer games are a favorite targets used by criminals since a victim can suspect that some law might be broken during visits or content downloads. You should be careful with such websites and installing free programs from suspicious sources and P2P networks that can help to infect your computer with SUPO Virus.



SUPO Virus Removal Tool

SUPO Virus is protected against removal as it locks programs, victim’s access to controls, and antivirus software installed. So, it is quite difficult for unprepared computer user to get rid of SUPO Virus. Manual removal of a rootkit is just too specific and some removal procedures are potentially dangerous for your computer.

That is why such programs like Spy Hunter and special safe and quick SUPO Virus Removal Tool exist. The first one provides a real time protection and private OS for removing rootkits. The second comes packed with a free online help and anti-spyware program that can be used for free for one year. It is twice less expensive, but there is no active protection and the list of rootkits it can remove is limited. Spy Hunter is a better choice if you want to keep your system free of viruses.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

If your access to the Internet is blocked by some malicious program, then try to:

  1. Restart your computer and tap “F8” key when Windows loading is started.
  2. Highlite “Safe Mode with Networking” and continue.
  3. Open this page in your web browser
  4. Download and install this removal tool.

Start the removal tool and let it detect and remove malicious programs.



Remove SUPO Virus Manually

Since SUPO Virus blocks your antivirus software and locks your access to system tools and controls, it is difficult to remove SUPO Virus manually unless you got lucky to get it without rootkit or have another user folder that was not infected. So, you can switch your system to different user and remove files that belong to SUPO Virus. You also can use system restore if it is available on your system and not locked by SUPO Virus.

1. Try to use System Restore to remove SUPO Virus

Start your system in Safe Mode and try to access Windows System Restore . You need to find the restore point set before your computer was infected with SUPO Virus and restore your system to previous. Windows System Restore will revert all the changes made by installed malicious programs. Then you need to restart your computer as normal and run a full security scan with your updated antivirus software.

If the System Restore is not available or there is no a restore point that you can use, then, go for the next option:

2. Disconnect your computer from web server ran by cyber criminals

New versions of SUPO Virus often lock system Safe Mode. If you have another user on your computer with administrative rights, you still might be able to start your system in a Safe Mode. Otherwise, you need special tools that will reboot your computer using uninfected OS version. Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk on a different computer with a program for burning CDs, make bootable disk and use it for starting your computer. Use special utility program located on this disk for detecting and removing Safe Mode blocker program used with SUPO Virus. Then restart your computer, and retry step one for removing files and changes made by SUPO Virus to your system. Use SUPO Virus removal tool for removing SUPO Virus files and fixing your system if System

3. Remove malicious settings placed in system Startup folder

Start your computer in a Safe Mode and log as a system administrator. Then access Startup folder. For this click Start, select All Programs and find Startup folder. Look at the startup folder and remove suspicious program that you cannot identify. SUPO Virus uses a random name consist of characters and numbers, and some variations might use startup for blocking your computer. Disable suspicious items, restart your computer, and see if it helps.

4. Disable automatic start of SUPO Virus set it Windows Registry

If disabling files in the Windows Startup folder did not help to prevent this virus from blocking your PC, than you need to fix registry keys that are likely to be used for blocking.

Click Start and type regedit in the search field below. Then press Enter. (On windows XP you need to click Run in the menu and type the command in the input field of the Run utility.

Press OK button, or Enter key, when done.)

In Registry Editor Look for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\

Double click on this key and find Shell in the right pane. It should be set to “Explorer.exe”. If there is something different or an addition to it after coma, right click this line and modify the value to “Explorer.exe” only.

Note: If you see path related to the name that you remove, write it down. It points to the program that runs SUPO Virus, and you need to find and remove it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before you make changes to your system registry database, make a backup file for the keys being changed or removed in your system registry. You can do this by opening File menu in the Registry Editor and clicking Export . Then follow instructions on the screen. If something goes wrong, you can restore this key by double clicking the saved registry backup file. If no problem is noticed, then you can just discard this file later. Unless you do the backup, you might end with inoperable machine that requires expensive professional attention.


Remove SUPO Virus Сomponents:

Kill SUPO Virus malicious processes


How to Stop Malicious Process with your Task Manager


Remove SUPO Virus entries from system registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell [random chars].exe

How to Edit Windows Registry


Delete SUPO Virus files and folders:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\ [random chars and numbers]

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\[random chars ] \ [random name].exe

How to Show Hidden Files


Note: If manual removal is difficult and confusing, then use the removal tool and get a free assistance from online support team for removing SUPO Virus.

DownloadDownload Removal Tool

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  • Easily remove programs like one that infected your computer
  • Remove programs that can steal your money and private data
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  • Find and remove legitimate programs that help to spy on you

Use your FREE ANTISPYWARE for detecting and removing dangerous programs that are not addressed by conventional antivirus products.



Remove SUPO Virus Completely

SUPO Virus often comes bundled with other malicious programs that help cyber criminals to spy on you and still your private information or money. After you remove SUPO Virus virus, update your antivirus software and scan your system for viruses. Use free antivirus scanners distributed by know manufacturers. This will help to make sure that no threat is missed. Even better option is downloading and using Spy Hunter that can protect your system from infections.

Find more about prevention computer infections and protection against malicious programs.

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