How to Remove Web Surf Shield Virus

Since Web Surf Shield virus is a ransomware-like malware installed via trojan, removing this virus is quite similar except the need to remove rootkit protection used with recent ransomware infection. If you want to remove Web Surf Shield, then follow this guide or use Spy Hunter that guarantees your success. This security program offers a clean Web Surf Shield removal along with free online support if any complication with removing viruses happen. Moreover, it can protect you against various computer threats, remove complex computer infections, and block deceptively installed PUP (potentially unwanted programs) like adware and browser hijackers. If you prefer to manually remove Web Surf Shield virus, then SpyHunter offers you a free scanner with very comprehensive scan results that provide you with a good source of information for Web Surf Shield virus removal.


What is Web Surf Shield Virus?

Web Surf Shield virus is very similar to ransomware programs that infect computers across the world, but instead of asking for money, cyber criminals offer you a survey. You better ignore this offer and do not download anything they ask since it might cause severe computer infection and downloading spyware that hunts for your money and helps to commit identity theft. Web Surf Shield virus is installed with a Trojan that set multiple redirects into your system Hosts file. So, if you try to reach most popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Google and like, it displays instead a screen with a message “Access to this page has been temporally blocked. Please take time to download our web shield update below. You can continue accessing the site after installing update“. The real price of such a ransom that users pay is computer infection, purchasing unneeded things, and providing cyber criminals with the information that might facilitate future crime.

Removing Web Surf Shield requires some procedures similar to removing ransomware, but fortunately, there is no complications that makes it really hard to remove like rootkits. You can definitely remove Web Surf Shield virus if you follow this guide or use Web Surf Shield virus removal tool offered with SpyHunter Malware Protection.

Web Surf Shield Trojan

If you want to be protected against Trojan that installs Web Surf Shield virus, than you should realise that cyber criminals may use different ways for spreading Web Surf Shield. Your computer might be infected after you visit infected website, share files on P2P networks, download free programs, and etc. Web Surf Shield survey is used for installing other malicious programs to your computer.



Web Surf Shield Virus Adware Removal Tool

Web Surf Shield Virus Removal Tool is a part of SpyHunter that easily remove Web Surf Shield Virus and other malicious programs found on your computer. It detects all malicious elements and tracking cookies related to Web Surf Shield Virus malware. Free scanner shows you all the details and helps to delete Web Surf Shield Virus components manually if you want. This software is timely updated and offers a free professional support for removing mutating viruses. It helps to remove stubborn PUP (potentially unwanted programs) and spyware, protects DNS connection, your web browsers, ActiveX components, and other system elements form malware infection. SpyHunter helps to guard your computer against Web Surf Shield Virus and other threats. It protects your security and privacy.

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Remove Web Surf Shield Virus Manually

If Web Surf Shield virus already helped to infect your computer with more viruses, then you need to perform a complex removal process for removing all of them. Certainly first, you need to find out what malware infected your PC. The best solution is free scanner that comes with SpyHunter’s free scanner since it provides you with a valuable information in scan report. There are infected file names with locations and registry entries that have to be fixed. If manual removal seems to be difficult, than you always can opt for automated removal backed up by help desk support.

1. Try to use System Restore to remove Web Surf Shield virus

Start your system in Safe Mode and try to access Windows System Restore . You need to find the restore point set before your computer was infected with Web Surf Shield and restore your system to previous. System Restore will undo all the changes made by this virus, and you can restart your computer as normal and run a full scan with your security program to remove malicious files installed onto your PC.

If the System Restore is not available or there is no a restore point that you can use, then, do the following:

2. Disconnect your computer from web server ran by cyber criminals

You need to disconnect Web Surf Shield virus from a criminal web server used for controlling, collecting information, and infecting your computer. often lock system Safe Mode. For this you need to remove malicious proxy settings installed by the Web Surf Shield Trojan. You also can disconnect your computer from the Internet, but then you wouldn’t be able to install and run Web Surf Shield removal tool.

3. Fix your Host file altered by Web Surf Shield virus

Web Surf Shield virus mechanics is quite simple. It is propagated through the redirects set into your system Hosts file. It simply places the list of most popular websites with the redirect to malicious server that runs the survey and handles all other malicious activities. So, you just need to remove these redirects from your Hosts file. Here you will find details of fixing your system Hosts file that help to get rid of Web Surf Shield hijacker that redirects you to malicious website.

4. Remove Web Surf Shield virus components

Just update and run your anti-virus software. It is likely that Web Surf Shield virus uses some components already marked as malicious, and your anti-virus will detect and remove them.

5. Check for spyware and malware left on your computer by Web Surf Shield infection

Use anti-malware or anti-spyware program that detects and help to remove dangerous programs that are not included in anti-virus database for some reason. As an example, cyber criminals might install legitimate commercial keylogger to trace all of the information that you key in using your keyboard. Think of your security passwords and credit card numbers. You need to protect yourself against criminals, and SpyHunter, that has very high detection rate, can help you to remove threats installed with a help of Web Surf Shield virus. Otherwise, the removal wouldn’t help you to feel safe.



Remove Web Surf Shield Virus Completely

The process of Web Surf Shield virus removal is fully described above. You just need to make sure to follow a complete process. Partial removal is like a mine that can blow up at any time. You need to clean computer infections completely and fix your system if you registry get corrupted in a process of removal since not all of anti-virus and anti-malware programs would care of it as good as SpyHunter does. It is also a good idea to keep your anti-virus updated and tuned up to your needs.

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