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How to remove BetterSurf ads from your Firefox browser manually or using BetterSurf adware removal tool with a free online support

How to Remove BetterSurf Adware

BetterSurf adware

BetterSurf ads are coming from bettersurf.net. This adware is often deceptively installed with a help of wrappers called download clients that come with free programs that you download from the web. BetterSurf is wide-spread today, and your computer might be infected if you fail to disable option for BetterSurf installation. If you want to get rid of BetterSurf ads, then you need to uninstall BetterSurf application and remove BetterSurf extension, browser helper object, or add-on from your Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox that BetterSurf  infects. If you cannot find BetterSurf  uninstaller, then use search and look for bettersurf.dll and bettersurfBHO.dll and remove folders where …Read more »


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Help for Manual Removal

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